BzNetVision is a Mass Media Communication Program that is changing the Internet. We've Integrated Netcasting with Live Video Conferencing to Produce "Interactive" BzNetVision. Viewers Interact in Live Multi-Directional Participation.

BzNetVision is a Free Video Netcast program which has some similarities to Television. It can be viewed instantly with just a click. Viewers Don't need to Download anything and Registration is Not Required.

BzNetVision becomes a multi-way and multi-user interactive program by simulcasting our Live Video Meeting program and integrating the video callers into the BzNetVision Moderator’s presentation. This enables BzNetVision viewers to See and Hear multiple callers from remote locations, who are able to participate in an Interactive Group Discussion.

BzNetVision is easy to use - It can be Netcasted from a desktop or laptop computer and viewed from mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets or smart phones. AND, it Can be Seen Live, as it happens, by millions of people!

BzNetVision can record any Netcast. Businesses are using BzNetVision to Netcast Live Infomercial Shows. Viewers can respond by Live 2 Way Video Calls using our Bz Connector program to purchase products and services. Call Centers are easily set up to handle orders using our PBX Call Controller.


Personal Use

Anyone can Netcast a Public or Private Live BzNetVision Show about any Subject to Reach Thousands of Viewers. Live Netcast to All Your "Social Site Followers", - "Bloggers" and "Group Members".

BzNetVision can also Record and Launch your Show on Social Sites (if you want). You can Choose to Netcast to a Private Audience with Password Access. (We do not Record Private Netcasts).

You can schedule a BzNetVision Production Show and invite all your Social Site Followers to the event. The Show can be seen by open entry or by password access. Have all your Followers and their Followers publish the Invitation Date and Time. Invite Celebrity Social Site Users to participate in the event.

Many of the Social Sites have Groups with Millions of Group Members. As a Group Member, you can organize Live Video Group Meetings so Group Members can See & Talk and Interact Live. BzNetVision enables Large Meetings with Many Groups Participating in Interactive Live Discussions.

Business Use

BzNetVision can be viewed by thousands, even Millions, if the Bandwidth is available.

BzNetVision can also be simultaneously Netcasted with a Radio Broadcast. Imagine a Radio Talk Show where you See and Hear the Callers. BzNetVision can also be simulcasted with a Television Telecast; so NetVision and Television viewers can see the Multi-Way Interactive production with Multi User participation from various locations.

Companies are using BzNetVision to hold Webinars, Trade Shows and Conventions. They also use it to launch Rollouts and New Intros. BzNetVision is a Super Way to Display and Demo Products.

Corporations use BzNetVision to Netcast Board of Director Meetings, Corporate Quarterly Reports and Stock Holder Meetings. BzNetVision builds Investor Confidence.

Businesses use BzNetVision for Infomercials, Lead Generation and numerous Sale Promotions. Many set up Call Centers using our Live Video Connector with Call Controller - Video PBX.

It's not all about Making Money, because Businesses Save Money too. There's no travel expenses, such as Hotel Accommodations, Car Rentals, Auditorium and Meeting Facilities, Air Fares and Equipment Rentals - So Consider these Costs and the Savings of Increased Production Time in having BzNetVision Reach More People in Less Time and Work.

There is no limit on NetVision Use to Netcast if you have a minimum of Ten Viewers who are Registered as Members. Remember - everything is Free!

The Bz Connector Program was developed by our subsidiary site - Network of Business. We use the “Bz Connector” name interchangeably with “Live Video Connector”.

Net of Bz puts the Bz in your Business when you use our Free "Live Video Connector", called the "Bz Connector".

Refer 10 Friends, Employees or Business Associations to use the Free BzConnector and as Free Registered Members, everyone can use BzNetVision with Unlimited Free Netcasting. Thousands of viewers will be able to see your BzNetVision Productions and Live Shows. Businesses usually experience a 300% increase in sales immediately. Social Network Followers triple in size weekly. Live Video Netcasting from BzNetVision is changing the Net!